If you missed our exciting collaboration with Build Consulting, you can check out the slides and recording here.
In a special, half-hour format Build shares their expertise in information management, beginning with a fifteen minute definition and overview of the basic challenges. Peter Mirius takes questions from the webinar participants and addresses real world situations throughout the webinar.
Has your organization struggled with using data strategically? Technology-driven information management plays an ever-increasing role in helping nonprofits understand the world around them—and their impact on it.  But for nonprofit organizations to manage and leverage the vast amount of information you create, you need to understand your basics.  Problems in Governance, Operations, Process, Data, and Technology can derail your drive to make sense of – and utilize – your data.
It’s probably safe to say that no nonprofit manages all five of these aspects at 100% efficiency – this webinar will help you to discover ways to improve your information management mindset.
information management basics - photo of library