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Thursday, August 20th, 2015
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What does IT success look like?
How can your organization plan for and execute IT functions that will lead to success?  
Is IT success just “not IT fail”?
In this webinar we discuss our experience over time in nonprofit technology management.  Nonprofit success requires managing information resources with the same level of intention and professionalism as other critical resources, like finances and staff. Because the field is so new, and evolving so quickly, it is easy to neglect information management or focus too narrowly on IT solutions; leading to frustration and inefficiency.
Managers will learn to understand the trilemma involved around IT solutions, and learn techniques to help navigate their organization through making good decisions.  It IS possible.
Your IT solution needs to

We know organizations that find the correct balance of IT with their mission and culture can soar.
We will focus on the fundamentals of successful information management. What are the big picture steps an organization must take? What are the critical elements that an organization must have in place? We will look at industry standard methodologies and discuss our own framework for ensuring that valuable information assets are well managed for IT success.
Join Johan Hammerstrom, Community IT President and CEO, for a wide-ranging exploration of nonprofit strategies to select and implement IT solutions that lead to IT success.
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