Community IT Innovators June 2017 News
In one of our most popular webinars to date, Peter Gross from Build Consulting presented their framework for managing technology change at your nonprofit organization. A lively Q&A and some great practical examples made this webinar really helpful. Build has also provided a template for change management to help you make the best decisions on new technology implementation.
If you missed it, the slides and recording can found on our website.
At Community IT Innovators we’ve been addressing change management and thinking about the specific issues facing nonprofits and technology implementation for our 20+ years in this business. Please take a look at the webinar to learn more, or feel free to contact us directly for assistance managing your technology strategy.
Next Webinar: Latest Nonprofit Cloud Strategies
This month I’m delighted to be presenting a webinar on big picture cloud strategy for nonprofit organizations – what’s available, what it costs, and why you should (or shouldn’t) expand your cloud platforms and processes. If you’ve wondered what all those acronyms mean (SaaS? IaaS?) I’ll demystify them and lay out the latest developments in this rapidly changing field.
I hope you’ll join me Wednesday June 21st from 4-5pm to learn how you can benefit from cloud applications and how to make the top level decisions to move to the cloud, or upgrade and expand what you already use.
This webinar is appropriate for nonprofit executives, managers and nonprofit IT personnel. We welcome and encourage audience participation and love the chance to address practical and timely nonprofit technology situations in our monthly webinars.
Please note, this webinar is NOT specifically about implementation of cloud projects, although we have many resources available for moving infrastructure and document management to the cloud.

Cloud computing concepts aren’t complicated, and your organization has probably already implemented or contracted with a cloud service in these trending categories. Here are some definitions and a run-down of the terminology. Read More
Community IT continues to make security a top priority in 2017. If you are not a Community IT Innovators client, the recent WannaCrypt Ransomeware Virus outbreak provides an opportunity to review security recommendations with your staff. Read More
We also recently featured a post on hiring nonprofit IT roles, linking to a recent blog entry from Build Consulting on mismatched expectations and compensation for database managers, which applies to other executive IT roles at nonprofits. Read More
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