The Challenge: Manage IT Costs and Plan for New Technologies.

Community IT provides a dedicated IT Business Manager to all our Managed IT clients, assessing and evaluating your IT needs and our responsiveness on an ongoing basis.

The client provided negotiation, cooperative advocacy, consensus-building and other skills to thousands of business, civil society, and government leaders in more than 50 countries. When the client was a smaller organization, they subleased space and relied upon their landlord’s IT service provider.

As they grew and moved into their own office space, the client knew they would need to build out their IT capabilities and IT support function. With a staff of about 20 they were not large enough to justify hiring a full-time staff member for an IT role.

Additionally, new technologies offered them a wide variety of opportunities, but also brought bewildering array of choices. They did not have the time or expertise to assess which technology solutions would best serve the needs of their growing organization.

The client was astute and created an RFP for IT providers. They used the following criteria:

These criteria made selecting Community IT an easy decision for them. This Managed IT Case Study describes our process and outcomes.

The Solution: Community IT’s Managed IT

We offer IT support services for nonprofits that want to outsource all or part of their IT support and hosted services. 

We provide fixed-cost packages that are tailored to your needs and can include services like unlimited remote and on-site helpdesk support proactive network management, and ongoing IT planning from our dedicated team of experts in nonprofit-focused IT.

We provide a dedicated IT Business Manager for each client. This Community IT staff member serves as a case manager, working with your executives, assessing and evaluating your IT needs and our responsiveness on an ongoing basis.

We provide help-desk support for your staff in the trenches. For this client our staff technicians spent a day a week on site. We also offer a combination of remote and on-site staffing.

Results: Reliable IT, Efficient Support, and Predictable Costs

Choosing Community IT allowed the client to meet all of their objectives. Community IT worked with this client to assess their business needs and evaluate IT solutions based on our vendor-agnostic approach to the nonprofit IT market and our deep expertise in our technology community.

Community IT provided a fixed monthly IT support cost with no overages, making budgeting simple for this client. Community IT’s expertise and excusive focus on nonprofits let the client feel immediately comfortable that we understood the constraints and internal culture at their organization, allowing a short learning period and an immediate ramp up to solve their basic IT needs. This allowed better IT planning and budgeting for long term IT solutions.

Partnering with Community IT eliminated the need for a client staff member to serve as gatekeeper between their staff and an IT support desk. Community IT provides a Business Case Manager point of contact for all clients. This Community IT staff member works closely with the client to learn their nonprofit cultural and procedural needs in addition to their IT needs.

The Business Case Manager makes Community IT unique among MSPs. This added attention to clients gives executives peace of mind and time to focus on your core job. Seeing ourselves as a partner in your IT, and providing a clear decision making and support structure, makes Community IT more responsive and efficient than other MSPs. This Managed IT Case Study we hope inspires you to contact us to start a conversation.