Your Nonprofit IT Budget – Webinar Slides & Recording

If you missed the webinar on Your Nonprofit IT Budget in September you can find the links to the slides and recording here.
In the modern nonprofit IT is woven into almost every task you undertake every day. Just as employees need a desk and a chair, they need IT, and IT tools can make a task take a day or an hour. If you have anxiety about how to budget for IT and how to find the expert advice you need without getting the hard sell you aren’t alone. It can be difficult to talk about IT needs, especially if your organization has ever been burned by an IT project gone wrong.
In this webinar, Community IT Innovators President and CEO Johan Hammerstrom dives into methods for sorting out your IT needs – not just your previous expenses – and speaking about them as strategic decisions not separate from other management level decisions on organization direction and focus. He provides a framework for IT budgeting generally, and discusses specific needs in 2017-2018 dealing with security threats, common upgrades, and new platforms and products.
Please join us for our October 18th webinar on getting the most out of Microsoft Office 365.
Nonprofit IT Budget Webinar Slides and Recording