A big thanks to everyone who joined us at the Nonprofit Technology Conference this year.  And an even bigger thanks to NTEN for putting on the biggest and best conference yet!
Community IT Innovators led three sessions on the conference’s “Technology Track” and it was interesting to see what aspects of these topics got the greatest audience engagement:

If the Technology Planning for Nonprofits panel discussion interests you, you can watch a recording of the session. Or, check out the presentation and this basic IT budget template. There was also question during the session regarding PCI Compliance and a potentially useful website was identified by a member of the audience.  For more information or questions, please contact Johan Hammerstrom.
The virtualization session notes, including Twitter feed and links, are available at the conference website.  Topics that got the most airtime included desktop virtualization and backup of virtual environments. The cloud session notes are also available. Topics in this session included vendor lock-in, backups, cloud-based file sharing, single sign-on, and rich media backups.
Finally, I was at the IT Directors Affinity Group meeting, where a theme seemed to be the changing role of IT in nonprofits. A few observations:

There’s no doubt there are major changes underway in the technology world, and that roles in the IT department are shifting. I believe the pace of change is frequently overstated, and that this will be a slow and incremental process for most organizations. Nevertheless, organizations need to be thinking about the changes and the opportunities now.