Community IT Innovators October 2017 News

Welcome October!
In this season there are so many outdoor fall activities to do with your family and friends in the Washington DC area. Buy yourself some extra time outdoors this fall by making time for our upcoming webinar on What’s New In Office 365, October 18th from 4-5pm EDT. Office 365 has many new features you may not be using to get the most out of this platform. Join our panel of IT experts and learn how to promote the time-saving and security features to your staff and colleagues so they will appreciate this platform too.
Community IT Innovators October 2017 NewsThis webinar is appropriate for nonprofit executives, managers and nonprofit IT personnel. We welcome and encourage audience participation and love the chance to address practical and timely nonprofit technology situations in our monthly webinars.
Some comments from our September IT Budget webinar: “Fabulous. The speaker was clear and direct, the information was useful, and the PPt was easy to follow,” “Very informative,” “This is my first Community IT webinar and I found it very helpful and only partly overwhelming ;)” If you are like me, finding IT Budgeting only partly overwhelming counts as a win, I think.
In November our friends at Build Consulting will return to present a webinar on Data Quality at your organization. They have a simple framework to help improve your thinking about data – join us to help decrease the time you spend on data and improve the quality of data you track. In this season – and every season – working efficiently helps you spend more time on your mission at work, and your family and self when not at work!
If you miss any of our webinars or blog posts, these resources can found on our website.
Your Nonprofit IT Budget Webinar: 
The links to the slides and YouTube video of the completely reworked update to one of our most popular topics, Your Nonprofit IT Budget, are now available on our site. We post our webinar materials to support our community and hope you will check them out and share widely.
If you have anxiety about how to budget for IT and how to find the expert advice you want without getting a hard sell for upgrades you probably don’t need, you aren’t alone. It can be difficult to talk about IT needs, especially if your organization has ever been burned by an IT project gone wrong. This webinar addresses general costs for items like maintenance and scheduled upgrades, and also addresses specific needs for security in 2017-2018. This framework can help you organize your costs and communicate your needs to your stakeholders and decision makers, even if that is yourself.

This month we have links to aspects of budgeting at nonprofits to help you out.
Nonprofit Budgeting Juggle
“(Nonprofit) Budgeting is about as much fun as juggling open jars of spicy chipotle mayonnaise. It’s messy and painful.” – Vu Le, NonprofitAF Read More
Building a Better Budget
To gear up for the budgeting for IT webinar this week, a link to post from the National Council of Nonprofits on building a better budget, and video interview from Nonprofit Quarterly on budget failures and fraud. Read More
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Johan Hammerstrom, President & CEO