You may have heard Atlanta is still trying to recover from a massive ransomware attack that affected systems for police, fire and rescue services, the courts, water and sewer billing, and more. This article from WIRED goes in depth into what went wrong, how hackers attack, and offers tips on basic security measures that can ward off these attacks.

Community IT Innovators is not a security-only firm, but we deploy security measures for our clients and we hope sharing our experiences can help our nonprofit IT community better protect ourselves. You can see several recent security webinars and other security resources here.

“…Security best practices—keeping all systems patched, storing segmented backups, and having a ransomware preparedness plan—can still offer real protections against SamSam infection.

“Ransomware is dumb,” says Dave Chronister, founder of the corporate and government defense firm Parameter Security. “Even a sophisticated version like this has to rely on automation to work. Ransomware relies on someone not implementing basic security tenets.”” –

WIRED March 30, 2018