Community IT Innovators’ Sr. Consultant Katherine Mowers, and Sr. Consultant Karen Finn of Results Leadership Group teamed up to lead a seminar hosted by Maryland Nonprofits: Data to Story: Optimizing Performance Management Systems. If you are seeking to better organize your data to help measure, understand and communicate your organization’s impact in the community, register to join in this seminar set for Thursday, December 1 from 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
In this seminar you will be introduced to the tools and business systems necessary to optimize your organization’s current data, enabling you to tell the story of your organization’s impact in a powerful way. This seminar will give you an understanding of which features may be most helpful to the specific needs of your organization and provide software solution examples available on the market (though it will not include a demo of software options).
This seminar is ideal for executive staff, program staff, and/or individuals responsible for managing a nonprofit’s data systems. The Data to Story: Optimizing Performance Management Systems seminar will be hosted  at the Maryland Nonprofits Baltimore office, 190 West Ostend Street, Suite 201 in Baltimore, MD.