When I first started at Community IT 15 years ago, we were a handful of tech-minded do-gooders, hoping to find a way to help the world with our unique talents and skills. At the time, we were renting 3 small rooms on the top floor of an aging mansion in Columbia Heights.
As our business grew and we added staff, those 3 small rooms were no longer enough, so we started looking for other office space. We were fortunate to find a building on U Street that was being renovated after being empty since 1968. In September 2000, we left Columbia Heights.
U Street For the past 14 years, U Street has been our home. During that time, both the neighborhood and our business have changed dramatically. When our lease came up for renewal, we were faced with a difficult decision. After much consideration, we decided that our time on U Street was coming to an end. On December 1, we will be moving to our new offices just down 14th Street at 1101, on the corner of L Street.
I have so many fond memories of our time on U Street. The neighborhood has been dynamic and vibrant over the past 14 years, and we are grateful to have been a part of it all. U Street will forever be a formative part of who we are as a company and our core commitment to serve the community.
Our new building is filled with nonprofit organizations, and many of our clients are right around the corner from our new office. We are excited about our new space and look forward to sharing it during an open house early in 2015. We invite all of our clients, colleagues and friends to stop by and say hello.