Following the success of our Idealware sponsored report “What Nonprofits Need to Know About Security” last November, we have responded to a community need by creating the Community IT Innovators Security Playbook.  Written in not-too-technical English, this Playbook will help you understand the major facets of IT security that all nonprofits can take into consideration to decrease risks.
We have updated this Playbook in February 2019 to include more recent thinking on predictive intelligence, Managed Security Operations Centers, and Cybersecurity Insurance including compliance and readiness issues for nonprofits.

2016 Security Playbook Community IT Innovators

In this short .pdf guide (827KB) you will learn the steps Community IT Innovators takes to create a multi-layered foundation of security for our clients.  We recommend printing as a 2-sided document or sharing with your team in the online version.
The guide concludes with a useful list of questions to ask your IT department or prospective consultants about their security policies and priorities.  We hope this will help our community be better prepared for growing risks and costs associated with security breaches and disaster recovery.
From the Playbook: “The challenge for a nonprofit organization is to develop an appropriate security plan that recognizes the difficulty in managing the security of their data assets, engages their staff with sensible practices as an important line of defense, and keeps costs effective.
Whether hiring a Managed Service Provider (MSP) or using an in-house IT Department, organizations need to establish a good foundation of updated systems, regular backups, good user training including passwords, and effective written security policies that can evolve with the organization.”