True story: last fall Community IT spent a day out of our 8th floor offices on 14th St NW because of flooding.  It reinforced what we already know: “disasters” can be large or small, man made and malicious, natural, unavoidable, or downright silly – but preparing for them and recovering after them should never be left to chance.
There are more options than ever, which can make it seem that there are more ways to make costly mistakes. In the slides and recording from this webinar Matt Eshleman and Steve Longenecker walk through the approaches available to nonprofits, discussing pros and cons, particularly as they relate to the size and function of the organization. Backups can be on-premise or remote, full or incremental, and need to include remote devices and take security and access into account. And a smart organization will periodically test those backups to ensure the process is producing the files you will need, to recover quickly from whatever disaster befalls you.