If you missed Matt Eshleman’s April webinar on Single Sign On (SSO) technologies and why you may want to use SSO at your nonprofit, you can catch up on the slides and recording here.
From your staff member’s standpoint, an SSO adds convenience – only one password to remember and you are connected to all your organization’s cloud services – remote email and file sharing, databases, etc. The single password can be made to require 2-step authentication, making it reasonably secure. And if the single sign on is compromised – no writing it on a sticky note on your laptop! – the IT administrator can disassociate it from all cloud credentials at a single stroke.
Matt goes into the pros and cons of SSO and compares a couple technologies with nonprofit pricing, Microsoft Office 365 and Okta. He also lays out best practices for implementation and how to roll this out to staff. SSO – a protective layer between your users and their cloud applications.
Single Sign On (SSO) Security