Before Johan gives the webinar on Latest Nonprofit Cloud Strategies next week, I wanted to point you to this excellent report last year on the State of the Nonprofit Cloud from our buddies at NTEN.
Key takeaways:

  • Cloud services are a core part of nonprofit operations with 100% of survey respondents indicating they use at least two cloud services, up from 80% of survey participants in our last survey.
  • The newest addition to organizations’ cloud services ecosystems is document storage.
  • Leading factors in decision making are service features and the ability for staff to work remotely (remote access) with the service.
  • In evaluating potential services, the biggest concern is whether staff will have reliable access to the organization’s data.
  • In comparing installed versus hosted services, respondents noted staff training as important but not likely to have a difference in their selection (contrast this to the results in NTEN’s annual Tech Staffing & Investment research, where respondents indicate that they have the tools they need but not the training to use those tools well).

State of the Nonprofit Cloud - photo of clouds

photo credit: June sky via photopin (license)