News about IT security has erupted over the weekend with the outbreak of the WannaCrypt ransomware virus. Technically, WannaCrypt is not much different from other Crypto variants.  It has captured the media’s attention because of the massive scale of the outbreak (it doesn’t appear to have generated that much revenue for the attackers) and because it used a flaw discovered and kept by the NSA as a tool for espionage. WannaCrypt has affected Asia and Europe more than the US, which Microsoft claims is due to the widespread use of pirated and unpatched Windows software in those markets.
Windows XP, 7 & 8 Affected
The good news for Community IT clients is that we approved and delivered the patch that fixed this vulnerability in March as part of a bundled update for Windows XP, 7 and 8 machines.  WannaCrypt does not affect Windows 10 machines.
We are currently reviewing all our managed client networks to confirm that they are not at risk from this virus.
Security Best Practices
Community IT continues to make security a top priority in 2017.  If you are not a Community IT Innovators client, this outbreak provides a good opportunity to review security recommendations with your staff.

If you have additional security questions we have several webinars and blog posts on security issues here. If your organization needs more assistance please
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