Topic: We Are All Data Managers.
Learn How To Up Your Game
Date: Wednesday August 23d 2017

Join our colleague Peter Mirus at Build Consulting in August as he discusses the fundamental skills and mindset you need to be a better manager of data and a more valued employee to your nonprofit organization.
In a special half hour format he spends 15 minutes on the presentation and the remainder of the time answering questions.
We are all data managers
In ways both large and small, every person working at a nonprofit shares some data management responsibility. Whether you are in Development, Communications, Programs, Finance, HR, IT, the Executive Office, or any other department, you’ve got to manage data effectively.
Good data management is critical
Just think about how the ability to do your job depends on having timely access to information. How much time have you (or others at your organization) spent searching for data, or trying to make sense of what you find? Poor data management saps energy that would better be used elsewhere.
How to become a better data manager?
There are a set of basic skills that each person needs to excel at data management. We can provide you with a checklist of skills to develop that will quickly make you a better data manager and, in turn, a more valued employee.
It’s not what you think
The skills we’ll teach you aren’t what you think. These skills are so foundational that they are often overlooked. But they are indispensable tools that will take your effectiveness to a whole new level.
Yes, we’re talking to you
This webinar is appropriate for nonprofit executives, managers, and staff. As with all our webinars, we discuss technology in a manner that is accessible to a varied audience. Join us!
We Are All Data Managers
Peter Mirus is a partner at Build Consulting and an expert at helping organizations and people to learn, communicate, and grow through the use of information technology. He has more than 15 years of experience as an executive, strategist, analyst, and solution developer, serving more than 30 non-profits and 40 professional services firms ranging from start-ups to large international organizations.