Topic: Backups and Disaster Recovery for Nonprofits
Date: February 18, 2016
True story: last fall Community IT spent a day out of our offices on 14th St NW because the organization on the 9th floor above us had their sprinkler system go on in the night, flooding several floors before morning.  It wasn’t more than a modest disruption, and most of our staff work remotely, so most of our clients were not even aware of it.  But it reinforced what we already know: “disasters” can be large or small, man made and malicious, natural, unavoidable, or downright silly – but preparing for them and recovering after them should never be left to chance.
Backups and Disaster Recovery are now an essential part of any organization’s IT strategy. There are more options than ever, which can make it seem that there are more ways to make costly mistakes. In this webinar we walk through the approaches available to nonprofits, discussing pros and cons, particularly as they relate to the size and function of the organization.  Backups can be on-premise or remote, full or incremental, and need to include remote devices and take security and access into account.  And a smart organization will periodically test those backups to ensure the process is producing the files you will need, to recover quickly from whatever disaster befalls you.
Matthew EshlemanAs the Chief Technology Officer at Community IT, Matthew Eshleman is responsible for shaping Community IT’s strategy in assessing and recommending technology solutions to clients. With a deep background in network infrastructure technology he fundamentally understands how technology works and interoperates both in the office and in the cloud.
Matt joined Community IT as an intern in the summer of 2000 and after finishing his dual degrees in Computer Science and Computer Information Systems at Eastern Mennonite University he rejoined Community IT as a network administrator in January of 2001. Matt has steadily progressed up at Community IT and while working full time received his MBA from the Carey School of Business at Johns Hopkins University.
Matt is a frequent speaker at NTEN events and has presented at the Inside NGO conference and Non-Profit Risk Management Summit. He lives in Baltimore MD with his wife, daughter and son. Matt is an active member of the Baltimore Choral Arts Society and the support committee of the Baltimore Mennonite Voluntary Service unit.
stevelongenecker1As Director of IT Consulting, Steve Longenecker divides his time at Community IT between project managing client projects and consulting with clients on IT planning. Steve’s appreciation for working at Community IT Innovators is rooted in respect for the company’s dream and vision, and for the excellent colleagues that the dream and vision attract.
Before coming to Community IT, Steve was a classroom educator, teaching middle school science for three years at Takoma Park Middle School and four years at The Rashi School (in metro Boston, MA). At the Rashi School, Steve was also the school’s IT Coordinator. Steve is MCSE certified. He has a B.A. in Biology from Earlham College in Richmond, IN and a Masters in the Art of Teaching from Tufts University in Massachusetts. Steve is married and has two young children. One of his favorite activities is playing Ultimate Disc.

Cupcake on Floor photo credit: IMG_5394 via photopin (license)