Date: Thursday, April 24
Time: 4-5 pm EST
Cost: Free
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Is your organization prepared for the worst? IT planning is critical to ensure that your organization is ready when disaster strikes. This process is often referred to “business continuity.”
What are the steps involved in creating a business continuity plan for your organization? Community IT COO Johan Hammerstrom and CTO Matthew Eshleman will walk you through the essentials of planning for everything from natural disasters, inevitable down times and everything in between.
Here are some questions this webinar will help to answer.
• What is business continuity, and why does it matter?
• What are the different aspects of technology and support that can make up your business continuity safety net?
• How long can your nonprofit afford to be down IT-wise?
• How much money should you expect to pay for different levels of support to ensure your nonprofit can get up and running after a disaster, man-made or natural?
This webinar is being organized in partnership with MAP for Nonprofits.  Find more tech programs and resources on the MAP TechWorks website​, a program of MAP for Nonprofits.