Topic: Successful Nonprofit Technology Change Management
Date:  May 17th 2017

Have you invested in new technology systems only to find that your colleagues have not adopted them?
Have you made changes to your systems or processes only to find that people revert to old ways of doing business?
Have you heard of “change management” but feel unclear on what it is or how to perform it?

Tomorrow’s best nonprofits will leverage technology to transform themselves—and the world! And yet, 50% of technology projects fail. The technology moves forward, but the organization does not.
Most technology projects have non-technological goals: raise more money, reach more supporters, serve more program participants, or become more efficient.
To reach those goals, not only must the technology improve, but the habits and behaviors of system users must change – sometimes significantly.

A powerful, practical framework for change

Community IT Innovators is pleased to collaborate with our partners at Build Consulting for this webinar.
In a special, half-hour format, Build shares decades of experience helping organizations make successful technology improvements.
Peter Gross (Partner at Build) begins with a 15-minute overview of the challenge of achieving organizational change with technology projects. Attendees will learn a simple but powerful framework to examine the impacts of a technology change, how to address those impacts, and identify the steps required for the organization to change with the technology. He then takes questions from the webinar participants.
Peter also includes a template for your organization to manage change effectively. To learn more you can access the template here.

Intended audience for this webinar

This webinar is appropriate for nonprofit executives, managers, and IT personnel. As with all our webinars, we will discuss technology in a manner that is accessible to a varied audience.
Peter Gross photo Successful Nonprofit Technology Change ManagementPresenter: Peter Gross began working with nonprofits 20 years ago – working for a passionate, innovative civil rights organization in Detroit. Build Consulting is an expression of his respect for the mission of similarly passionate organizations. And it is focused by his belief that people who feel their time and skills are valued help create organizations that are innovative and accomplished.