Webinar: Supporting Remote WorkersLaptoponBeach
Date: September 24, 2014 – WEDNESDAY

“Can you login as me and email me those spreadsheets from my desktop?”

“With all this traffic I’d get more work done if I only came into the office for Friday staff meetings.”

“I’m moving to Vail so my husband can train for the Winter Olympics.  I can just take my laptop with me, right?”

Most nonprofit organizations now have at least some staff that work outside of the office some or all of the time.  Technology (and especially the Internet) have helped foster this phenomenon.  But what can be done to make remote working arrangements as smooth as possible?
Assuming you already have an HR policy, you definitely need some technology tools to keep things running.
This webinar discusses our experience with the pitfalls and benefits of providing technology support and access to offsite employees, reviews the basics, and examines pros and cons of the many tools and solutions now available to nonprofit organizations.
Whether it’s telework, liberal leave, an employee in Michigan or an entire west coast annex, a small staff or large, supporting remote workers should be on your radar if it isn’t already on your plate.  Join us through the slides below for an informative look at best practices.
Community IT Innovators Director of Ongoing Support Johanny Torrico leads the largest team at Community IT.  And she still enjoys providing technical support to our clients, participating in our professional services team, and implementing technical solutions.  She will discuss the manifestations of remote support she has seen – good and not very good – including ideas on presenting remote support needs to senior leaders and gathering their support.
Abdul Musa assists clients with evaluating and planning their IT infrastructure to fit their unique organizational needs. Abdul values working at Community IT because of the culture of participatory decision-making and technical collaboration that exists with colleagues.  He’s an expert in analyzing your real needs for remote staff support rather than trying to fit your organization into a trendy product or service.