In preparation for Steve Longenecker’s free webinar later this month, I thought I’d provide a few resources on just what is Dropbox again – the original, Dropbox for Business, and the apps for iOs and Android.
From the CNET review of the app: “Dropbox is a free* and extremely easy-to-use tool for sharing files, photos, and videos, and syncing them among your devices. You can also use Dropbox to back up files and access them from other computers and devices (including smartphones and tablets), with dedicated apps for each device you own.”
From the PCMag review of Dropbox for Business: *the business subscription is not free, at the moment it is “$15/per user per month ($12.50 if you pay annually) with a minimum of 5 users.”
From the CIO October 2016 review of the app updates for iOs: you can now sign pdf files directly in the Dropbox app, and share files easily through text messages.
From the PCMag review of Dropbox: “Dropbox is among the simplest and most elegant cloud storage and file-syncing services. It gives you access to your files from nearly anywhere. You can install Dropbox on virtually any computer or mobile device you own, and dozens of other apps support integration with Dropbox, too. For personal use, Dropbox works simply and effortlessly. It now also supports real-time collaboration for Office Online users, so you and your colleagues can access and edit the same Dropbox file at the same time while seeing one another’s changes appear on the screen as they happen. Dropbox is an excellent choice for online storage, though it doesn’t quite beat Editors’ Choices Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive for value.”
Interested? Join Steve from 4-5pm November 17th for an in-depth discussion of Dropbox’s pros and cons and whether it might be the file sharing solution for your organization.