Big, sophisticated hacking incidents get the headlines, but most attacks are small and not all that intricate—and most could have been prevented. Hackers prefer easy targets. Perfect security isn’t possible, but practical security is within your reach.
Is your organization doing enough to secure its most important data? In this new report, Idealware cuts through the fear and uncertainty to provide clear guidance. They provide guidance for assessing risk, explain basic protection, and discuss building a culture that values security. Idealware also provides a how to for developing policies to guide staff and a security one pager that can be distributed to staff for training purposes.  Finally, they present case studies of how two nonprofits chose to deal with their particular security issues.
Sponsored by Community IT and Sinu and produced by Idealware, this report is free to download from the Idealware site. 
Given our interest in security, we are proud to be a sponsor of this report.  Many thanks to Idealware for making this a priority.
Please join us also January 21st from 4-5pm EST for a free webinar on security threats against nonprofits.