If you missed the webinar in October you can find What’s New In Office 365 slides & recording links here.
If you work in an office, you are probably using Office 365. But you might not be up to date on the newest features in Office 365 and lots of ways to use it to streamline your work, both in and out of the office. You may not be taking advantage of everything Office 365 can do for you and your staff.
In this webinar, Community IT Innovators CTO Matt Eshleman and President and CEO Johan Hammerstrom guide you through several key features such as Teams, the improved Planner, Skype for Business integration, Poll for a time to meet, Forms, and PowerBI – a powerful way to present data that does require an additional license but may be a valuable investment.
They also discuss approaches to training your staff to use these features without getting overwhelmed, help them see the value of this platform, and present tips to save time and work efficiently and effectively, such as polling for meeting times to control the back and forth of getting everyone together.
This webinar is aimed at IT staff and Nonprofit Managers who oversee IT – and as with all our webinars, we discuss technology in a manner that is accessible to a varied audience.
Please join us for our November 15th webinar Improving Donor Data, when our colleagues at Build Consulting will be presenting a true client story of improving donor data and the measurable benefits the nonprofit organization saw from some basic changes to their donor data processes. This webinar will present helpful approaches that can be applied to other forms of data such as members, volunteers, funders, and program clients, so please join us even if you don’t deal directly with donor data.
What's New In Office 365 Slides & Recording Links