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We help nonprofits plan for, implement, and maintain dependable technology, taking care of IT systems so that nonprofits can accomplish their missions.

Do you struggle with these nonprofit IT issues?

Lack of

Do you feel that a lack of knowledge around IT is hindering your nonprofit's success?


Is your current approach to IT resulting in recurring issues that endanger the success of your mission?


Are you consistently behind on updates? Do you worry about impending security issues?

Comprehensive IT

We offer IT support services for nonprofits that want to outsource all or part of their IT support and hosted services. For a fixed monthly fee, we provide unlimited remote and on-site helpdesk support, proactive network management, and ongoing IT planning from a dedicated team of experts in nonprofit-focused IT.

Supplemental IT

For larger nonprofits with in-house IT teams, we provide supplemental IT support to fill any gaps in staffing or expertise. Contact us to explore your needs. Our team members bring a collaborative approach and deep expertise to help your IT team succeed.

Why Community IT?

We’ve found that many nonprofit organizations deal with more IT issues than they should have to. Resources are tight. Systems are unreliable, responses are too slow, and repairs are too expensive. Sometimes nonprofits don’t even realize how bad things are until something big breaks and their mission is derailed.

Our process is based on 25 years of exclusively serving nonprofits. Our technicians have certifications across all major platforms, and we constantly research and evaluate new solutions to ensure that you get cutting-edge solutions that are tailored to the needs of your organization.

IT Services for Nonprofits

In all of our engagements, we combine a strategic approach with tactical expertise to offer solutions that will best meet your organization’s objectives. Our nonprofit IT services include:

Comprehensive IT Services

We provide unlimited remote and on-site helpdesk support, proactive network management, and ongoing IT planning from a dedicated team of experts for a cost-efficient monthly fee.

Supplemental IT Support

We provide supplemental support to fill gaps in staffing or expertise for nonprofit organizations with existing resources. Our services are tailored to your staffing model and technology environment.

IT Planning

We offer strategic IT planning and consulting to help you identify opportunities where technology can help your organization run more smoothly and provide better support to your mission.

Cloud Management

We evaluate and implement cloud and hosted solutions for your information technology needs. We ensure functionality and data are effectively and efficiently carried over into new environments.

Backups & Business Continuity

We help nonprofit organizations to select and implement remote backups, disaster recovery, and business continuity solutions that fit your budget and needs and give you peace of mind.


We assess and strengthen your nonprofit's cybersecurity posture. Our unique history with non-profits allows us to provide cybersecurity solutions that align with your culture and needs.

See What Our Clients Have to Say

America's Promise Alliance

"I want to express my gratitude for the great APA CommunityIT team .. you have built an IT strategy and multi-year budget that we now operate against. In addition, the team has helped us navigate through remote work seamlessly. And, you are providing expert advice as we seek to streamline (or at the very least standardize use of) our IT platforms across APA. Not to mention, your patience with me on all things IT!"

Emily Waechter - Chief Financial Officer/Chief Administrative Officer

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