Is your organization secure?

This nonprofit cybersecurity self-quiz will walk you through foundational cybersecurity must-haves that every nonprofit should implement. You’ll develop a check list of what you already have in place, and where you need work. This quiz will help you evaluate your organization’s vulnerabilities, and give you an idea of where your nonprofit can improve. It should take about 10 minutes of your time and we’ll email you your results.

Community IT Innovators starts with a people-centric approach to cybersecurity and recommends investing in people and processes first, then pursuing the security solutions that support your business needs and your organizational culture. 

But your nonprofit may not have a good idea of where your weaknesses lie, or where to invest your cybersecurity budget wisely. 

Many nonprofits may be starting to build cybersecurity policies from the ground up. For more details, you can download our free Cybersecurity Readiness for Nonprofits Playbook that will help you build the foundation on which you can begin to optimize and then be proactive about your security approach. The Playbook is complementary to this self-quiz, and both are free.

Community IT Innovators is committed to improving nonprofit cybersecurity. This nonprofit cybersecurity self-quiz was developed to help our community be better prepared to face risk.

This quiz should take less than 10 minutes active time. You can pause to research your answers, and your place in the quiz and your answers will be saved. You can take the quiz as many times as you like, and you will receive an updated report with each completed quiz.

You will register your name and email with us to take this quiz, and by doing so you agree to join our newsletter list (you can unsubscribe at any time from the bottom of every email.) Your registration is secure (see our privacy policy) and your answers are confidential, we won’t share them or your contact information. You will receive a print out of your finished quiz, which you can use to help develop your cybersecurity strategy.

Contact us to learn more about the ROI on investing in cybersecurity protections.

Ready to reduce your nonprofit cybersecurity risk?

At Community IT Innovators, we’ve found that many nonprofit organizations deal with more cybersecurity risks than they should have to. As a result, cyber damages are all too common. Whether at a third party vendor or a phishing or ransomware attack on your own organization, you need to be prepared for cybersecurity risks and understand your work and personal security options.

Our process is different. Our techs are nonprofit cybersecurity experts. We constantly research and evaluate new technology solutions to ensure that you get cutting-edge solutions that are tailored to keep your organization secure. And we ensure you get the highest value possible by bringing 20 years of expertise in exclusively serving nonprofits to bear in your environment.

We regularly present webinars at Community IT about cybersecurity issues. And you can contact Matt Eshleman, our CTO and nonprofit cybersecurity expert, for an assessment.

If you’re ready to gain peace of mind about your cybersecurity, let’s talk.