Request for Proposal: Consultant to help us fight for racial justice and end police violence

Read our June 2020 employee-owned company statement on Black Lives Matter.

Community IT was established in 1993 in Washington DC as an IT managed services provider serving nonprofit organizations primarily based in DC. We are an employee-owned company with 35 employee owners.

We have recently established a working group to identify and develop strategies to achieve racial justice. This group has decided to create a request for proposals from consultants to provide outside assistance to our racial justice work.

We don’t want a one-time all-staff training, we are looking for a consultant to: 1) speak to us directly to highlight history and issues of racial justice and, 2) help us align our policies and business in ways that work to eliminate race-based disparities and police violence.

This position has been filled.

If you are interested in a similar position or feel you have relevant experience you would like to share with us, contact us or apply to join us!

The tragedies of the summer of 2020 have made us all question deeply as a company what actions we will take to create change. In addition to condemning police violence and racial injustice, what are we doing to address those issues? What could we be doing? What should we be doing?

We strive to live our values throughout our work; with our clients, with our colleagues, and with our internal structures.

We look forward to where we might go next, and we will keep our community informed of our Black Lives Matter progress.