How to Prepare Your Nonprofit for a Cyberattack

In today’s world, cyberattack readiness is a must. Too many nonprofits operate under the assumption that their risk of experiencing […]

When Should Nonprofits Outsource IT Support?

For nonprofit organizations, determining when to outsource IT support can be a complicated decision. There’s unique pressure in nonprofit environments. […]

Onsite IT vs. Remote Helpdesk: Which Offers Better Tech Support for Nonprofits?

Nonprofits face high pressure to be operationally efficient. The onsite IT vs. remote helpdesk discussion can derail your efforts to […]

What Should IT Support Look Like for a 50- to 100-Employee Nonprofit?

Nonprofit IT support is difficult. The challenges are many. What should IT support look like for a 50- to 100-employee […]

Why Your Nonprofit Needs an Engaged IT Department

Your organization’s IT team is crucial to the overall health of your nonprofit. A great IT company can help you […]

How to Choose the Right IT Support for a Nonprofit

Like most services, some managed IT solutions are better than others. The best IT support for nonprofits will have no […]

10 Free Cybersecurity Resources and Three to Pay For

We share 10 free resources on cybersecurity for nonprofits, such as keeping your login and identity safe, and 3 tools you should pay for to protect your nonprofit.

Cybersecurity Resources

We share resources on our cybersecurity services, keeping your login and identity safe, new online courses, other tools for nonprofits.

Idealware: The Landscape of Project Management Tools for Nonprofits

The new Idealware report “The Landscape of Project Management Tools for Nonprofits” is now available for free download from the Idealware […]

Idealware: Nonprofit Technology Policy Workbook

The new Idealware Nonprofit Technology Policy Workbook is now available for download. More than half of the nonprofit organizations surveyed […]

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