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Your Nonprofit IT Budget

Learn how to budget for your IT to perform well, how to integrate IT budget decisions at all levels of management, and how to become comfortable viewing IT decisions as important strategic decisions.

In this free video Community IT Innovators President and CEO, Johan Hammerstrom, discusses the basics of budgeting for IT support, and gives simple steps and considerations for any nonprofit to take into account.

Any budget is an ongoing process. We recommend taking these steps:

For IT specific budget discussions, you will need to adddress:

Any nonprofit can view IT support as an essential function, but are you seeing IT as a business opportunity to provide better services to your clients and constituents, and your staff? Learn more about current thinking on IT support for nonprofits here.

You can find more resources on leadership for IT Support for Nonprofits here.


photo of Johan Hammerstrom

President and CEO Johan Hammerstrom has always been interested in using technology as a force for good that can improve our world.  In college, he pursued this interest through science, first studying Chemistry, Physics and Biology at Stanford University, graduating with Honors with a BS in Chemistry.  He then studied Biophysics at Johns Hopkins University and received a Masters Degree.

The time spent in Baltimore convinced Johan that there were more pressing and immediate problems that technology could and should be used to address. He pursued a career in Information Technology, with the express goal of improving our communities and our world.  He started at Community IT in 1999 as a Network Administrator.  Since that time, Johan has been a Network Engineer, a Team Lead, the Director of Services, Vice President of Services, Chief Operating Officer, and beginning July 2015 President and CEO. Working directly with over 200 nonprofit organizations, to help them plan around and use technology to accomplish their missions, has been one of the most positive and rewarding experiences of his life.