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2022 Nonprofit Cybersecurity Incident Report Download

Download this 4th annual report which shares some of our experiences and insights and establishes a solid business case for making cybersecurity an organizational priority.

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Video: Cybersecurity Basics for Nonprofits – Defending Against Boggarts and Boogiemen

Presented at NTC2022, Sarah and Matt answer questions on how to understand cybersecurity basics and how to pitch the need for them to your nonprofit executives and board.


Video: 2022 Nonprofit Cybersecurity Incident Report

CTO Matt Eshleman discusses our fourth annual Nonprofit Cybersecurity Incident Report and how your organization can reduce your risk.

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Interview: Cybersecurity Basics with Matt Eshleman

Join host Art Taylor in a new interview on cybersecurity basics that explores cybersecurity preparedness options and scams directed at nonprofits and charities.


Video: Cybersecurity For Your Charity – Do You Have A Plan?

CTI Matt Eshleman presented a free webinar on cybersecurity readiness for nonprofits and charities hosted by BBB Wise Giving Alliance

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Nonprofit Cybersecurity Self-Quiz

Take a 10 minute self-assessment designed by our cybersecurity expert, Community IT Innovators’ CTO Matt Eshleman.


Video: Cybersecurity Self-Assessment

Discussion on using tools for self-assessing cybersecurity risk at nonprofits, provided by Community IT CTO Matt Eshleman.


Video: Nonprofit Cybersecurity – Balancing Best Practices, Budget, and Team Productivity

Join CTO Matthew Eshleman, CEO Johan Hammerstrom, and Peter Mirus of Build Consulting for a discussion on leadership challenges in managing nonprofit cybersecurity.

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New Cybersecurity Readiness for Nonprofits Playbook

The completely revised new Cybersecurity Readiness for Nonprofits: Community IT Innovators Playbook is now available online for viewing and sharing. This playbook will help you organize your response to increasing cybersecurity risks, in language accessible to any nonprofit executive, decision maker, or IT staff who implements security.


Video: Nonprofit Cybersecurity Playbook

CTO Matthew Eshleman presents the release of our newly updated Cybersecurity Readiness for Nonprofits Playbook, available as a free download.


Cybersecurity Best Practices for Charter Schools

Cybersecurity in the education space is different from the mid-sized nonprofit IT networks that Community IT typically supports. We’ve learned a few cybersecurity best practices for charter schools that can help you keep your technology both accessible and safe.


Video: Cybersecurity Training for Nonprofits

Video of Matt Eshleman, CTO of Community IT, presenting on cybersecurity training for nonprofits.


Blackbaud Cybersecurity Breach – Your Nonprofit’s Response Options

Our colleagues at Build Consulting presented a free webinar addressing the cybersecurity incident at Blackbaud, vendor of the Raiser’s Edge fundraising software used by many nonprofits.


Video: Nonprofit Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Basics

CTO Matt Eshleman presents a webinar discussion of Nonprofit Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Basics, appropriate for all levels of technology knowledge.


Nonprofit Cybersecurity Tips for Zoom Video Conferences

While most nonprofit organizations already had some sort of conferencing software available, the use and adoption of those systems has dramatically increased. Here are tips and answers to some security questions about Zoom and other video conference apps.


The Impact of COVID-19 on Nonprofit Cybersecurity

We’re proud to note that many nonprofits have done an admirable job of adapting to work in the wake of […]


Nonprofit Cybersecurity: A Guide for 2020

Looking for peace of mind? I’d like to give you a free, 30-minute cybersecurity consult. My name is Matt Eshleman, […]


Nonprofit Cybersecurity Stats: 10 Numbers to Know

Nonprofit cybersecurity stats are a crucial consideration. Cyberattacks are on the rise. Here are 10 numbers that you should know.


How to Understand Cybersecurity Risk for Nonprofits

An understanding of cybersecurity for nonprofits is crucial to keeping organizations safe – but cybersecurity is complicated and constantly changing. […]


Video: Crafting a Nonprofit Cybersecurity Policy

Free video: learn how to create a nonprofit cybersecurity policy, how to dedicate leadership time and organization resources to preventing costly security incidents, and how to communicate policies with staff.


10 Free Cybersecurity Resources and Three to Pay For

We share 10 free resources on cybersecurity for nonprofits, such as keeping your login and identity safe, and 3 tools you should pay for to protect your nonprofit.


Cybersecurity Resources

We share resources on our cybersecurity services, keeping your login and identity safe, new online courses, other tools for nonprofits.


TechSoup Cybersecurity 101 and 201 with Matt Eshleman

If you are a TechSoup member, or thinking of joining, you can attend on demand classes with our cybersecurity expert, Community IT Innovators’ CTO Matt Eshleman. Join in and learn the newest in how to keep your data and systems safe.


Video: 10 Free Cybersecurity Tools

Join Community IT Innovators’ CTO cybersecurity expert, Matt Eshleman, for a discussion of the 10 free cybersecurity risk-management tools available to nonprofits that want to increase security. Matt will cover how they operate, how to set them up, and how to train your staff to want to use them.


Webinar: Cyber Insurance for Nonprofits

Join Jenna Kirkpatrick Howard from Lockton Insurance Wednesday, August 24, 2022 at 3pm Eastern, 12 Noon Pacific to learn how the market is changing and how to get the coverage you need.


Technical Debt and Nonprofit IT

What is technical debt and Nonprofit IT? Trying to catch up when you have underinvested in IT can seem overwhelming, but there are practical actions you can take to improve over time, increase security, spread costs out, and budget better.


Webinar: Managing Google Workspace and Office 365 Together

Norwin Herrera and Carolyn Woodard discuss managing a hybrid on-line platform, with Dominique Diggs from the Social Justice School in DC helping present a case study.


Microsoft Follina Vulnerability Impact on Nonprofits

Don’t click on email attachments to avoid a compromise at your nonprofit organization while the IT nonprofit community works to address the new vulnerability in Microsoft Office.


Video: Google Workspace for Nonprofits

Join Steve Longenecker, Director of IT Consulting, and Carolyn Woodard for a discussion of all things Google Workspace for Nonprofits.


Video: Moving Office IT Considerations – Update

William Maxwell and Rick Alloway discuss planning for an office move, downsize, or getting rid of your office – what are the IT considerations? When should you start planning?