Cybersecurity Resources

We share resources on our cybersecurity services, keeping your login and identity safe, new online courses, other tools for nonprofits.

Video: 5 Security Tips to Protect Your Login Credentials and More

Don’t assume your nonprofit is secure against emerging scams. Matt Eshleman gives you 5 tips on increasing your login security and that of your organization. He also covers how to monitor for compromised accounts.

Video: How Data Quality Defines Your Organization

Build Consulting data quality expert Peter Mirus explores the role of good data quality in this recording webinar presentation. Learn why making small changes in your process now can have big payoffs in your fundraising objectives.

TechSoup Cybersecurity 101 and 201 with Matt Eshleman

If you are a TechSoup member, or thinking of joining, you can attend on demand classes with our cybersecurity expert, Community IT Innovators’ CTO Matt Eshleman. Join in and learn the newest in how to keep your data and systems safe.

Managed IT Case Study

The Challenge: Manage IT Costs and Plan for New Technologies for an organization that did not want to hire a full-time staff member for an IT role.

Software Assessment and Selection Case Study

The Challenge: What Platform to Provide Full Remote Access to Information Systems?

Implementation/Strategic Planning Case Study

The Challenge – New IT Capabilities Needed, While Reducing Hardware Costs

Managed IT/Interim CIO Case Study

The Challenge: Manage IT Planning, Outdated Systems and IT Staff Constraints.

Implementation/Strategic Planning Case Study

The Challenge: Legacy Applications Out of Step with Current Needs.

Video: 10 Free Cybersecurity Tools

Join Community IT Innovators’ CTO cybersecurity expert, Matt Eshleman, for a discussion of the 10 free cybersecurity risk-management tools available to nonprofits that want to increase security. Matt will cover how they operate, how to set them up, and how to train your staff to want to use them.