Up Close & Personal: Tim Meinberg

Tim Meinberg has a bachelors degree in computer science at University of Maryland, started working with Community IT in 2009.

Technology Leadership Lacking at NGOs

Why do more international NGO’s not have a C-level (CIO, CTO, CDO) IT role? In my experience, most NGO’s don’t feel that they make particularly effective use of technology. While this is by no means a scientific claim, my participation in InsideNGO and relationship with NGO clients of Community IT has led me to this observation.

Up Close & Personal: Patrick Sprehe

Patrick Sprehe learned about Community IT while working with an in-house IT team at a local nonprofit and was hired in 2010

We Won! Big Green Commute

Here at Community IT we depend heavily upon public transit, biking, and even walking to get to work and to many of our clients. In part this is because of our commitment to reducing our environmental impact, but they’re also just convenient ways to get around a busy city.

Up Close & Personal: Matthew Eshleman

Matt Eshleman joined Community IT Innovators as a summer intern in 2000. He is currently Chief Technology Officer CTO and enjoys assisting clients and giving presentations on all aspects of nonprofit technology.

Up Close & Personal: Saa Andre Millimono

Saa Andre Millimono has a BA in Computer Science from University of the District of Columbia, and a MA in Computer Science at Norfolk State University and started working with Community IT Innovators in February 2010.

Planning for Disaster

We never really know when a disaster will happen. We don’t know what kind of disaster it will be or how it will occur. Since disasters tend to be unpredictable, the best approach is to prepare and plan for disaster recovery. Information technology is a vital part of every organization, so IT disaster recovery should be considered as part of the overall business continuity plan.

Up Close & Personal: Johanny Torrico

Johanny Torrico joined Community IT Innovators in 2006 and is Vice President of Operations where she leads nonprofit technology client service delivery.

Up Close & Personal: Saba Gebru

Saba Gebru joined Community IT Innovators in 2007 and is a nonprofit technology client service manager helping management of staff support team.

Up Close & Personal: Nuradeen Aboki

Nuradeen Aboki joined Community IT Innovators in 2009 and is a network manager overseeing nonprofit technology client service delivery.

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