Promotion Announcement

A big day is upon us here at Community IT! I am pleased to announce that Johan Hammerstrom has been promoted to President and will be running the daily operations of the company.
Johan’s 14 years of experience at Community IT gives him unparalleled insight into our strategy and operations. Johan has been assisting businesses and non-profit organizations with technology planning, project management and direct network support since he began working at Community IT Innovators.

Behind the Scenes: Technology Planning Smack Down

IT Alignment has been a topic of great passion for me and other nonprofit techies for over a decade, yet the concept still seems new to some. We have presented the session in numerous ways at previous Nonprofit Technology conferences, but the topic still seems elusive. IT alignment is the alignment of technology to mission. The concept is easy, but making it happen is complex. Anyone can talk about aligning tech to mission, so why is it hard to find great example of success?

When Disaster Strikes, Will Your Files Be Safe?

Your nonprofit’s data files – database, financial records, and documentation of processes – are an important asset. There’s plenty of advice out there for large corporations, doing enterprise-level disaster planning. If you’re at a small nonprofit organization, how do you figure out a practical approach that protects your data and works within your budget and available resources?

SmartCEO Honors Community IT's Johan Hammerstrom with Executive Management Award

When we think of COOs, many of us probably first think of Sheryl Sandberg, one of the most well-known in the United States. Here at Community IT we are very proud of our own COO, Johan Hammerstrom, who recently received an Executive Management Award from SmartCEO for his work here at Community IT.

Leveraging Technology for Social Good

Leveraging Technology for Social Good – David Deal, CEO, shares his top tips for enabling effective organizations with technology.

Open Letter to Satya Nadella

Johan Hammerstrom, COO, shares his open letter to Microsoft’s new CEO, Satya Nadella about the impact of Microsoft on Nonprofits. “First and foremost, congratulations on your new position as the 3rd CEO at Microsoft since its founding in 1975. This is a significant accomplishment and a life-affirming challenge. I read your letter to the employees and could feel your enthusiasm jumping off the page!”

IT Staffing: Topgrading 101

Guest Blogger Barry Smith, Managing Partner at StartFinder, discusses how you can apply the concept of “Topgrading” to your organization’s IT staffing. He talks about how to implement a recurring, structured system to categorize and retain key performers and coach up or out those who should be in a different role or out of the organization.

Up Close & Personal: Rick Alloway

Personal: Rick Alloway joined Community IT in December of 2005 as a Systems Administrator, has A+ certification and enjoys working with nonprofit clients.

Nonprofit Purpose, Performance & IT Capacity

Many people come to work at nonprofits because it offers the opportunity to do something personally meaningful for them. The nonprofit workplace environment they come into have often nurtured this, benefited from it, and in many cases have built their workplace culture around it.

Up Close & Personal: Tim Meinberg

Tim Meinberg has a bachelors degree in computer science at University of Maryland, started working with Community IT in 2009.

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