Galen Wenger

Galen Wenger is the Director of Technology Solutions at Community IT specializing in Windows Server administration, workstation lifecycle management, Mac enterprise management, and Google Apps. With a deep background in customer support across a variety of platforms, he brings strong technical knowledge into client engagements, and leads the team providing expertise in nonprofit IT support. His decade of experience interacting with nonprofit clients allows him to develop solutions that fit nonprofit management and budgets.

Community IT supports over 600 Macs among our clients; about 10% of our clients have some Mac support or all-Mac support. Galen has a lot of experience over the years in the slightly different approach necessary with Mac environments at the enterprise or individual level.

Galen joined Community IT in April 2009 after two years of providing technical support in a university setting. Galen has a B.A. in Philosophy and Theology from Eastern Mennonite University. He is a Microsoft Certified IT Professional: Enterprise Administrator and Google Apps Certified Deployment Specialist.

Galen lives in Lancaster, PA, where he co-leads an organization encouraging community engagement and spends his free time writing.

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